Privacy Conscious Approach to E-mail

I’ve been using GMail for many years for both my personal and part of business communication. I am extremely happy with its useful features and efficient workflows that I was able to develop. But at some point it just struck me how much information Google is collecting about me by scraping my emails. I decided to do something about it and I want to share that story, since I’m really satisfied with the setup.

YubiKey NFC and Android Mobile Browsers

In the modern web a shift towards mobile browsing is an established fact. Web applications implement reactive design (adapting to the screen resolution) and are created with “mobile first” approach as the content is often consumed on the go on smartphones and tablets. Therefore full feature parity with desktop browsers is a de facto standard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the Universal Second Factor (U2F), the most secure commonly available second-factor authentication (2FA) method.

Extreme Safety for Personal Data

It can be hard to realize how important your personal data is until you lose it. Popular anecdote - that there are two types of people: those that do backups and those that will do backups - is in fact overly true. I want to share what makes me a fortunate member of the first group. I actually find my setup really safe. It consists of:

ReFlex - Advanced Gmail Autoresponder

Earlier this year I developed a custom autoresponder for Gmail because standard one lacked crucial capabilities. I decided to share the story behind it and the code (in quite reusable form) via GitLab. I baptised it ReFlex.